Why does the world’s biggest anime fandom exist?

In the summer of 2019, a group of internet fans gathered on Reddit to discuss anime fandom.

The subreddit, called /r/anime, is a collection of threads dedicated to discussing anime.

Each post has an animated gif and text explaining what it is about an anime that makes it so popular among the community.

One thread called “A Conversation about Anime,” for instance, is full of GIFs of a variety of characters from the popular anime series Naruto.

Another post, called “Anime: the Best of 2017,” contains animated GIFs from the most recent season of One Piece.

In one post, a Redditor called “the_dong” asked, “What do you get for your effort?

What’s the best part of your hobby?”

The comments section of the subreddit is a lively mix of the likes of anime aficionados and people who like to watch anime but don’t have the time or money to buy a box of anime DVDs.

One user, named “Dong,” wrote in the thread, “I really enjoy anime but it’s not a big part of my life and I’ve got no way to watch it at work.

But now, I just find it a lot easier to catch up on my favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu instead.”

Other threads included the kind of “anime meme” that’s become so popular on Reddit.

The title of one thread read, “A Message to the world, we all need to watch more anime!.”

Another read, “”Anime is the best thing since sliced bread, that’s what anime is!””

“Another poster called “dickbutt,” wrote, “An anime meme is a meme you can make up with your favorite character.

It’s funny and cute, and it’s good for a laugh.

“It’s a theme that permeates the subreddit.

Some posters post pictures of anime characters and characters from other anime series, like the popular Naruto series, and even ask for advice on how to best make anime memes.

Other threads ask people to share their favorite anime GIFs, like this one from a user called “Pixar Man.””

If you want to see a really bad one of mine, I’d give you my full list of favorites.””

But I can’t afford to make it in the format that I can use to upload my anime GIF, so I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t upload a few of my favorites.

If you want to see a really bad one of mine, I’d give you my full list of favorites.”

Some of the gifs in question are so bad that they make a Redditer cry.

“I love the original Naruto gif.

You’re welcome.

But there’s one gif in particular that I feel is just terrible,” the user wrote.”

You can watch it here,” another user responded.

“I think it’s the Naruto GIF that really sucks.”

It seems like a lot of people have this problem.

For many, the internet is an escape from the mundane, and the subreddit for anime fans has become a haven for them.

But Redditors who do make an effort to watch shows like Naruto and One Piece, though, are often met with skepticism and even ridicule.

“People don’t see you as a real person, and they don’t know if you’re really trying hard to get attention from other people,” one user named “Kaiji” told me.

“They don’t even know if the person who made it is real.”

Some Redditors also say that the anime community is becoming more like the rest of the internet.

“There’s this constant feeling that everyone else is just like us, that we’re all the same, that people like us are just looking for attention, or just looking to make money, or whatever,” another Redditor named “Nakamura” said.

“There’s a constant feeling of entitlement to being recognized and liked.”

In a post on the subreddit, a user named Tetsuya wrote, “People in general tend to look down on us when we make mistakes, but when they find out that I’m a huge fan of Naruto and the One Piece anime, they start to care more.

I can relate.”

The Redditors I spoke with also said that they often have to fight to get their message across.

“When I try to explain something that I think is wrong, I usually have to explain myself first, because people who see me are like, ‘Why don’t you just say it’s your fault?’ or ‘What are you trying to hide?’ or, ‘You’re making us all feel inferior,'” Toshiya said.

The redditors I spoke to all said that their favorite shows and movies, like Naruto, One Piece and even Pokemon, are part of their identities.

They said they feel they are part a community, and that they feel valued for their fandom.

“The community that