Which anime character would you most like to see get a reboot?

The popular anime and manga series gave an all-new spin to the classic characters, but some fans are still unhappy with the change, saying the new animated series is too anime-like and not quite as dark as the original.

“I have a soft spot for anime boys, but I would hate for anime girls to get rebooted.

I think they should stay,” wrote one Redditor.

Another, who goes by the username “Peeb”, said: “I’d love for anime-inspired shows to be rebooted with anime characters from the ’90s like Gintama, Oreimo, etc.”

However, another fan, who go by the name “Shy”, also suggested that a reboot of anime might not be the worst idea, as long as the new show “remains faithful to the original story and shows more of what makes the original so memorable”.

The rebooted anime series will be released on July 18 on the Crunchyroll streaming service.