Which anime are you watching right now?

The Naver anime portal is offering up a collection of anime characters in clothing that can be seen in anime.

In addition, the site is offering a collection featuring naked anime characters.

The naked anime section is also available in English and Korean, which can be a little jarring. 

The anime characters are drawn from Naver’s catalog of anime and manga.

They include the characters from the popular chia anime series, such as Kirito and Kiritori, and also the main characters from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, The Sword of Light, and others.

There is also a selection of non-Naver anime characters, such a Chiyo, and Nao from Fate/stay night. 

Here are some of the anime characters that are featured in the collection: Chiyo is a chibi version of the main character, Chiyotaka Kurisu, a chivalrous girl who fights for justice and the protection of people. 

Kirito is the main protagonist of Nausicoe of the valley of the winds. 

Nao is a female knight who is the sister of a chocobo trainer, who also works as a healer in the forest. 

Lily is a character from Nisemonogatari and a member of the royal family. 

Saki is a princess of a royal family in the kingdom of Edo. 

Makoto is the leader of the Shinsengumi of the Empire of Japan, which includes the Shinkai clan. 

Ryouma is a member with the Royal House of Hakurei. 

Ryoma is the son of the Shogun, and a samurai who has mastered the art of kendo. 

Suzu is the daughter of the King of Shingeki, and the sister to a royal household. 

Ginny is a witch who uses magic to transform into a giant witch. 

Pip is a teenage boy who has been assigned to the role of a boy in the school. 

Aoi is a maidservant who serves as the guardian of a young boy. 

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is a magical girl series that started in 2007 and has spawned countless sequels.

It has been adapted into various other media. 

You can also read a full description of the Naver Anime Collection on the portal.