Which animal cell is most like us?

animal cell The cell that makes up a human.

It’s the cell that helps keep us alive.

It also holds our genes.

In other words, it’s where we store our DNA.

animal cell That cell is our main organ and we have a number of other cell types inside our body, such as muscle, heart, skin, brain, and immune cells.

animal tissue The tissue that makes you a mammal.

In the case of humans, it contains the organs, bones, and organs of the body.

animal brain Our brains are the brains of our body.

In our cells, the brain is the center of our consciousness.

animal heart Our heart is a large organ in our body that helps us to pump blood around.

animal liver The liver is the large organ that carries out a lot of functions in our bodies.

animal intestine The large intestine of an animal contains a lot more cells than the small intestine.

It makes up around 75 percent of the entire body.

This makes it a lot easier to digest food and digest proteins, so it’s important to eat meat when possible.

animal lungs The lungs are the lungs of an air-breathing animal.

When an animal breathes, air travels from the lungs through its digestive tract to the lungs.

animal blood The body’s cells store all the nutrients that our body needs, like protein, vitamin C, and fats.

animal urine The urine of an animals blood is one of the main sources of energy for the body, and is used by the kidneys and digestive tract.

animal fat The fat is the liquid part of an organic substance called adipose tissue.

animal bone The bones are bones in our muscles.

The main parts of our bones are the humerus, pelvis, and hip bones.

animal skin The skin is the hard covering of the skin of a animal, usually made of keratin or collagen.

animal muscle The muscles are the bones that are made of muscle.

The muscle tissue in an animal’s body is called a muscle.

animal connective tissue The connective tissues are the structures that connect two or more bones.

They’re made of collagen, elastin, and connective fibers.

animal hair The hair of an an animal is the hair of a human, or other animals, such in primates.

animal eye The eye is made of two parts: the iris and the cornea.

It has a yellow, green, and red light in the middle, and a green light in front of the pupil.

animal mouth The mouth is the place where you put food into your mouth.

animal tail The tail is the part of the animal that has a human-like shape.

This is used to run and climb on land and sea.

animal body Parts of the human body.

The liver, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, and gallblains.

animal semen A lot of semen is produced by animals in the female reproductive tract, called the urethra.

animal testicles A testicle is an organ that is located at the base of the male reproductive tract.

The testicles can be used to produce sperm and eggs.

animal sweat glands A sweat gland is a small body of fluid, called a sweat gland.

It contains water that is a mixture of sweat, mucus, and fluid from the skin.

animal intestines A number of bacteria live in the intestine of animals.

The bacteria can break down carbohydrates in the food and keep the food fresh for the animal.

animal muscles A number on muscles are attached to the muscle.

These muscles have four legs and can perform a variety of functions, including walking.

animal wings An animal’s wings are made up of feathers that are also covered with feathers.

animal nails Animals have long, pointed nails that are used for hunting.

When the animal has been killed, the claws and teeth are removed, and the animal’s flesh is left to decompose.

animal teeth The teeth of an antelope are sharp and have sharp edges that allow them to eat insects and other small creatures.

It can also be used for biting animals.

animal eyes The eyes of an insect are formed from a series of small lens cells that are shaped into a cone-shaped structure called a cornea, which is shaped like a corona.

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