When ‘The Road Warrior’ Returns to Anime for a New Series

The original Road Warrior, the 1980s film series about the Battle of Britain, is back in theaters.

The animated series, produced by Disney-Pixar and written by Brian Grazer and Mike Kelley, is scheduled to debut in theaters on June 21.

The new series is set to explore the events of the Battle, the aftermath of the invasion, and the role the U.S. Army played in bringing the conflict to a successful conclusion.

The series, which was adapted for live-action, will follow the lives of soldiers and civilians, including Sgt. Colonel John Smith (Grazer) and his wife (Kelley), as they face the challenges of combat and recovery.

“Road Warrior” stars Seth MacFarlane as Sgt. John Smith, R.I.P. John Ridsdel (Kelly), Katee Sackhoff (Fletcher), and John Krasinski (Bartolomeo).

The series also stars Bill Pullman, David Schwimmer, and Mandy Moore.