When is the next Japanese animation movie coming out?

In a recent interview with The Japan Times, animation director Atsushi Nishimura said that he’s working on a new anime called “The Animal Cell” for this fall.

While no news has been made about the title, it is described as an “animation comedy” in the title.

The title is similar to the title of Nishimura’s upcoming film “Miku Mune ni Hoshi,” which is being directed by Toshiyuki Matsumoto.

It will be released on October 12.

While Nishimura hasn’t announced anything yet about the new title, we did learn that Nishimura is working on “Manga Nozaki-san” a TV anime that he will be directing for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

We also learned that “Mika ni Hoshizora” is also in development.

As we reported last week, Nishimura and Matsumototo are working on an anime that will be directed by Kazuyuki Uchida.

We were told that “Nori no Tatsujin” is set to air in 2019.

This news comes after it was announced last week that “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” is on track to premiere in October, and “Shuurai no Jikan” is being adapted by Masashi Oikawa.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest details.

Source: Animeanime.jp via Otakomu