When a Chinese company makes a cat, we’ll all need to be able to talk about it

The world of tech is full of adorable animals, but one of the most famous is actually a cat: Dyson V8.

A Chinese company called Dyson is currently making the cat as part of its latest update to the popular home automation system, and the announcement of the cat, which we can only imagine will go down as a pretty big deal for Chinese tech-savvy residents.

“This is the cat of China,” Dyson CEO and founder, Jia Qingli, said in a video announcing the cat.

“China has a special relationship with cats.”

Dyson said the cat will be available for $999 in November, which is almost certainly a good price for a cat.

A lot of cat people in China have been eagerly awaiting the announcement, and it’s unclear how the cat-specific announcement will impact the availability of other products in the future, like other cats.

(A spokesperson for the Dyson factory in Wuhan, the home of the company’s Wuhong factory, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

The company has already received a number of complaints about the cat from users, according to Recode, and its first batch of the cats will only be available in China for a few months, so the announcement is definitely an issue for the Chinese market.

Dyson’s cat announcement comes at a time when Chinese manufacturers are being targeted for a massive, massive wave of Chinese-built robots.

The company is currently the subject of a massive trade dispute with the United States over the robot-building trade in China.

China has recently been ramping up efforts to make robots that can do jobs that traditionally have been done by humans, such as working with humans.

“I’m not sure whether [the Chinese] can really compete with the American industry,” said David Coughlin, the executive director of the MIT Robotics Institute.

“There’s a whole industry, and there’s a lot of pressure on them to do things that are better than the American company, and that will make them less competitive.”

China’s economic growth is now so fast that there are already thousands of companies in the country working on robot-related technology.

Chinese startups are now building thousands of new products, according the New York Times.

“When you’re building robots, you’re essentially building the future of the industry, which will be the robot industry,” Coughline said.

“They’re going to be the biggest players in the world.”

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