What you need to know about the Flick animal crossings

I think that’s a really good question.

What’s your favourite cartoon?

There’s a lot of great cartoons.

I love The Simpsons.

I loved My Little Pony, and I love My Little League, and we all love Pokémon.

I’m actually kind of into all the Pokémon movies, too.

I watch them all the time.

It’s like a family, right?

You know, the kids are really excited about Pokémon.

So you can’t say no to Pokémon.

It would be like going to the cinema and having a really long movie night, and then being like “oh, I don’t wanna go back because I’m gonna watch this Pokémon movie.

That’s a bit of a waste of time”.

I would love to go back to Pokemon for a really short time.

And then I would definitely watch it again.

But then you can say, “well, maybe I should just keep the Pokémon movie going”.

That’s what I would do, you know.

I would watch a lot.

I really like the whole Pokémon thing.

You know?

So you know, it’s hard for me to choose between Pokémon and My Little Pets. I don