What you need to know about the “Anime Store”

A new restaurant is opening in the heart of Tokyo’s most popular tourist attraction, the Tokyo Tower, and it has a name that makes it sound like a place to do shopping: the “Animal Crossing” store.

The chain’s flagship store in the city center, called “Animate Animal Crossing” on the Tokyo City Register, opened on Monday and is one of only two places in Tokyo that will sell any merchandise that includes animals.

Animal Crossing was launched in Japan in 2009 as a “toy-collecting” game and now has an estimated 100 million registered players in Japan, according to a recent survey.

Its mascot, a cat named Isabelle, has a plushy doll made of fur that she can use to interact with other customers and is a mainstay in shops in the country.

Animal Crossing was originally designed by Nintendo in 2007 to encourage children to play with and explore the world around them, according the Japanese company.

Animal crossing was originally meant to appeal to children who play video games and are used to shopping for toys and clothing.

Its mascot is a cat called Isabelle.

It is also the only animal in Animal Crossing to wear a cute outfit.

The store is owned by Animal Crossing: Wild World developer Nintendo and will open on Sept. 30.

Animal Crossings owner, Kousuke Okabe, told reporters at the opening that he thinks the name is a reference to the fact that he can’t find any animals at the Tokyo Zoo.

Okabe said that Animal Crossing is the most popular game in Japan and that it has become a “national treasure” and “the world’s largest and most well-known game in terms of sales.”

It’s the second store to open in Tokyo.

A store opened in the Tokyo Central Station in January that sells games and other merchandise.