What does Wolverine’s thigh mean?

The first Wolverine movie will be the first to feature a female character in the franchise, but that doesn’t mean the character won’t have her own iconic costume.

As reported by Business Insider, there will be two versions of the character’s costume.

The first will feature a long black skirt that will be replaced with a long, low-cut dress.

This will give her a more streamlined silhouette, while the second will have the character wearing a longer, more revealing black skirt.

Business Insider reports that the designers for the costume will be based on the original design for the original female Wolverine, who debuted in 1976.

The new design will include a much larger skirt and skirt-like embellishment that will stretch out to cover the character.

The costume will also be made of metal, which has been used to make Wolverine’s original costume, and will be more flexible than his current one.