‘We don’t know where he is’: Shelter in search for cat that died

A cat died after it was shot by a family member who was not licensed to own and keep cats, according to animal rights groups.

The cat, named Rosie, died on Sunday night at a home in the St. John’s area, according a statement from the St John’s Humane Society.

It said the family was not aware that the cat was an animal cruelty case until police responded to the home after receiving a call.

Rosie was being cared for by the animal cruelty charity St. Jude’s Animal Shelter when the family’s veterinarian, Dr. John Rolfes, called to say the cat had died.

Rolfes was the veterinarian for a family in nearby West Saint John, New Brunswick, that was involved in the shooting death of a dog on Sept. 5.

The dog, named Toni, was shot and killed by a neighbor.

Rolfs told CBC News the family had been out at the house on Sept, 5.

Rolando, Rosie’s father, said the cat is a 10-month-old cat.

“We don,t know where the cat has gone, but it was there, we didn’t know,” Rolando said.

“They [the family] told us that they shot the cat and there’s no animal cruelty charges, but they haven’t answered all the questions.”

Rolfs said the animal had been there since June.

The Humane Society says it is now assisting the family in finding a veterinarian for Rosie.

It says it has not received any updates on the case.

It’s not known if the animal was the intended target of the shooting, the statement said.