The Irish movie will be ‘a true story’ of Irish immigrants

The Irish film company Film4 has been awarded the prestigious award for best Irish animation film at the Cannes Film Festival.

The film, The Irish Movie, is set in an alternate future where Ireland’s immigrants are under the watchful eye of the Irish government.

It is a sequel to the critically acclaimed 2013 Irish animated film The Irish Family, which won the Best Animated Feature award at the New York Film Festival and was made into a TV series.

The Irish film crew is led by the director of The Irish Film, Michael J. Sullivan.

It is expected to be released on August 15.

The award, which is given annually to a new Irish animation, was handed out at the festival in Cannes in May and has been a cause celebre in the Irish political world.

Its recipients include director of Irish animation Michael J Sullivan, who is known for his dark, dark and violent films, and his Irish counterpart, Oscar-winning cinematographer Martin Fiddes, who has directed many films including The Irish Girl and The Irish Boy.