The Cool Animals of Reddit: A Meme for All Pets

Reddit users have long enjoyed sharing memes, videos and GIFs that capture their pets, which are often used to draw attention to their species.

And with animal crossings, Reddit is looking to be the hub of the fun for pet owners.

Reddit has made a point to allow pet owners to post and view images of their pets on their site, and the site is starting to let users post videos and images of animals crossing the street.

Here’s what Reddit is allowing for.1.

Animal Crossing: The Walking Dead and Pokemon Go.

Users can now upload videos of animals who have crossed the street, including the Pokemon Go phenomenon.2.

Animal Kingdom: The Guardians of the Galaxy.


Animal Park: The Smurfs.

A user can upload a video of a penguin, which has been a popular feature on Reddit for quite some time.


Awwwwww: The Simpsons and The Little Mermaid.

This meme, which is currently the most popular on the site, shows the Smurfette, who is a female penguin.


A dog crossing.

A female dog is pictured on a dog walking road.

Reddit users can upload video of dogs crossing the road.


A cat crossing.

This photo shows a cat with a paw on a street sign.


Animal Rescue: Cat in a Tuxedo.


A fox walking in a park.

Reddit is also introducing the ability for users to share videos of dogs playing and walking in their own homes.9.

A bunny crossing.

An image of a bunny on a sidewalk is the most common one on the page.


An old dog walking.

Reddit user Justin Roper has uploaded a video from his home that shows his dog enjoying the warmth of a blanket on a cold winter night.11.

An African Greyhound on a leash.

In the caption, he writes, “Just a quick post, I had an African Greyhound this morning in my front yard.

I was able to walk him without getting any help from my neighbors.”12.

A duck crossing.

Redditors can now post videos of birds crossing a street.13.

An Old MacDonalds sandwich shop.

Reddit’s Animal Crossing feature is allowing users to post a video showing a McDonalds restaurant.14.

A man holding a puppy on his shoulder.


A family enjoying a pizza.

Users who post a photo of their dog with a cat on its back can now share it with other Reddit users.


A woman enjoying the sunset on a beach.


A child enjoying a stroll on a river.18.

A rabbit on a cliff.


A couple sharing a meal.


A baby riding on a boat.21.

A kitten on a walker.


A horse enjoying a walk.


A young woman in a bathing suit enjoying the sun.


A cow crossing.


A goat crossing.


A donkey crossing.


A polar bear.


A pig crossing.


A deer.


A wild boar crossing.31.

A wolf in a tree.


A frog crossing.33.

A parrot watching a person.34.

A raccoon.35.

A bird of prey.


A lion on a kite.


A crocodile crossing.


A pigeon.39.

A kangaroo on a tree stand.40.

A bat watching a child.41.

A snake with its beak open.42.

A bear walking in the forest.43.

A dragon on a pond.44.

A penguin on a penguins back.45.

A mouse running on a treadmill.46.

A squirrel in the garden.47.

A human baby on a playground.48.

A fish swimming in the ocean.49.

A chicken enjoying a hot dog.50.

A tree in a forest.51.

A water buffalo in a pond drinking from a stream.52.

A turtle in the sea.53.

A monkey on a skateboard.54.

A tiger on a bike.55.

A panda walking in forest.56.

A giraffe enjoying the afternoon sun.57.

A zebra crossing.58.

A rat running in a cage.59.

A leopard running through a forest while being chased by a lion.60.

A dolphin playing with her cubs.61.

A tortoise with a baby in its mouth.62.

A koala enjoying a sun bath.63.

A cockatoo running around in the grass.64.

A mermaid in the water.65.

A coyote in the woods.66.

A sheep in a field.67.

A mountain lion in the river.68.

A gorilla walking along a river bank.69.

A giant sloth on a train.70.

A bulldog in a barn.71.

A house cat playing in a backyard.72.

A white rabbit playing with a