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When ‘The Road Warrior’ Returns to Anime for a New Series

The original Road Warrior, the 1980s film series about the Battle of Britain, is back in theaters.The animated series, produced by Disney-Pixar and written by Brian Grazer and Mike Kelley, is scheduled to debut in theaters on June 21.The new series is set to explore the events of the Battle,

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When you want to be a stuffed animal expert, the world is your oyster

When you’re ready to be the ultimate stuffed animal specialist, you need a professional animal clinic, right?Well, if you’re like us, then you probably don’t have the time to visit a specialist veterinary clinic and pick up a stuffed pet.Instead, you can rely on a handful of cute and fluffy

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Why are the Blackhawks so happy about the Christmas gift they got?

With the Blackhawks going to the Stanley Cup Final, there is more than a bit of pressure to get a new home for their beloved Stanley Cup, especially as the Blackhawks will face off against the Anaheim Ducks in Game 7 of the Western Conference Final.The Blackhawks also will have

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