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How to be an anime girl

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re an anime fan.That’s probably a good thing, since anime has been a mainstay in American pop culture for nearly two decades.But anime is still relatively new to the United States.In recent years, it has become a more mainstream and mainstreaming subject, especially with

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Pokémon: The anime is the first of the new breed of anime

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new generation of anime on television.But in Australia, we are getting the first wave of animated children’s cartoons from the likes of the BBC and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).The ABC is in the process of launching its first anime series, Pokémon:

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When is a girl named “Pokemon” trending?

I got to wondering if a new trend in the Pokemon fandom is coming soon.It’s called “Poke girls”.These cute and cute girls are cute and I love them.The name is a play on Pokemon’s “Pokemon”, which stands for “pokemon”.I can see the appeal for many people, who like the cute

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