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Overlord: Overlord HD Wallpapers

Yuri anime and anime-related wallpapers are coming soon to Overlord.The popular anime series Overlord has been ported to a new generation of devices thanks to the support of popular app Overlord-TV.Now, the Overlord anime themed wallpapers will be available to all Overlord fans who are looking to customize their phones

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How do you get a girl overlord?

Two months ago, two members of the “Otaku” anime subculture, Shino Yonezawa and Yuka Sakurai, decided to do something no otaku in their right mind would do.The duo, a pair of young anime fans from Japan who also happen to be Japanese-American, decided that otaku should not only become part

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Overlord, an anime gay sex anime, premieres online

Overlord is a gay porn anime starring the titular Overlord.The anime premiered last month on Funimation.The cast includes the voices of Benoit, the protagonist of the series, and Risa, the girlfriend of the main character.The series follows the life of a gay man who goes on a mission to get

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