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Jake’s latest animated GIF video of the new BNA anime

Jake “Jaiden” Yang, aka Jake Bannister, made his animated GIFs of the BNA (Bizarre Animal Network) anime series, “I Can’t Live Without You” and “Batch Bannisters”, in honor of the animated anime series.The animated GIF is set to be available on April 24, and will be available in the “I

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Why I quit anime and started blogging instead

Posted September 08, 2019 05:18:29If you’ve ever seen the movie “Avatar,” you may have been reminded of a certain character, Anakin Skywalker.And if you’ve watched the movies “Avengers” and “The Last Jedi,” you probably remember the iconic scenes that have played out between Anakin and his love interest, Princess Leia.“I’m

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How to fix the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 edge+ battery drain

This is going to sound like a ridiculous thing to do, but if you want to fix your Samsung Galaxy Edge+ battery then this is what you need to do.I don’t recommend you try this unless you have a Samsung Galaxy XS Edge, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, or any

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