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When is the next Japanese animation movie coming out?

In a recent interview with The Japan Times, animation director Atsushi Nishimura said that he’s working on a new anime called “The Animal Cell” for this fall.While no news has been made about the title, it is described as an “animation comedy” in the title.The title is similar to the

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How to get the best results from the Anime Store

If you’re looking for a free anime subscription for your smartphone, you’re in luck.Fox Sports has partnered with Anime Store to offer a free, one-month trial to users who sign up for the free service.The service allows users to browse anime for free, as well as watch shows and anime

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Fox Sports: Animal Crossing characters crossing the border in Australia

Fox Sports announced today that the characters of Animal Crossing and the Animal Crossing series are crossing the Australian border in the U.S. on their own, with the animals crossing from the United Kingdom.Fox Sports’ chief marketing officer, Steve O’Leary, announced the news on Twitter.The Animal Crossing team and its

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