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Charlotte, Naked and an Anime Girls: How an Anime is Made

The show’s creator, Akio Morita, is an anime aficionado.He’s spent the last two years trying to recreate a beloved series, and he says he’s never seen anything like it.In 2015, Morita launched a crowdfunding campaign called Anime Charlotte, in which he asked fans to raise money to produce his latest

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When is a dog crossing a road?

In a recent case in Florida, a dog crossed a roadway to get a ride home from a friend.The dog had been playing with a neighbor’s dog and her dogs when the dog jumped a curb and ran into the road, according to WFTV.A passerby called the police.The driver of

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How to stop your pet from getting into your house

By James RansomPublished May 03, 2018 12:54:58When you have a pet and you’re worried about them getting into any of your belongings, you’ll need to look into what you can do to keep them out.We’ve got tips for you on how to make sure your pet can’t get in your

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