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Jake’s latest animated GIF video of the new BNA anime

Jake “Jaiden” Yang, aka Jake Bannister, made his animated GIFs of the BNA (Bizarre Animal Network) anime series, “I Can’t Live Without You” and “Batch Bannisters”, in honor of the animated anime series.The animated GIF is set to be available on April 24, and will be available in the “I

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Anime art for cute animals

Posted April 14, 2018 04:27:07Anime art for adorable cute animals is coming soon!The adorable cute characters in these anime are made up of cute animals.These anime characters will be featured in cute animals fashion accessories.There are many cute anime characters in anime and manga that are made by the same

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How to get a cat into your home

How to make your pet happy with a cute animal crossing photo.The photo, captioned “a cute cat crossed with a fluffy puppy,” had been posted on Facebook in April.In February, a photo of a dog and a cat that was tagged as a “cute animal crossing” on a pet shop

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