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The Last Dinosaur: The Last of the Dinosaur Animals

What do you think about the last of the dinosaurs?I know that’s a huge question and I’m sure there’s plenty of answers, but the question of how the dinosaurs became extinct is one that is difficult to answer and has a lot of speculation surrounding it.If you’re going to ask,

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Why do we need to keep our pets in the home?

I’m sure you’ve heard the tired old saying that pets make your home better.In fact, if you want to live with a pet, I guarantee you they will help you to make it more livable.They help you stay healthy, they keep you from being stressed out, and they make you

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How to get your pet to stop being scared of dogs

The story of how a puppy became the first animal to ever become terrified of dogs was originally published in the April 2011 issue of Pet magazine.In the article, the puppy’s owners say the first thing they did when they found the puppy was take it to the vet to

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