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How to make a porno with an animatronic character

The film’s story revolves around two lovers, a gay porn star and his girlfriend who must get married in the country’s conservative state.“It’s not really my style,” the star says in the trailer.But the film is a bit more experimental, and the actors’ costumes are created entirely in 3D.“I had

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‘Parasyte’ anime has 3 episodes, 4 chapters and 11 minutes left in its run

The first episode of the upcoming Parasyte manga is now available for viewing, and that’s a shame because the manga’s second season, dubbed The Parasytes’ Curse, is going to get a sequel.“I’m really proud of this second season,” producer Yoshiyuki Tomino said during the Anime Expo panel at Tokyo’s Saitama

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When Jaguars and Baby Animals Become ‘Superheroes’

Jaguar-style lions have become superheroes.The world’s largest and most popular cat is a superhero in his own right.And baby animals?They’re super-human. This is a very different animal than the ones we’ve come to know and love. In fact, baby animals can be the most iconic animals of all time. Baby animals are a

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