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Anime guys, watch anime free

An anime guy is watching anime.A young man in his 20s who goes by the name of Anime Guy says he doesn’t watch anime, and doesn’t think anime is good.“I don’t even watch anime,” he says.“All I’m doing is listening to music.”It’s the same attitude that many young anime fans

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Which anime girls are your favorites?

The Verge has ranked the anime characters that you’d want to watch next on a scale of 1-10, based on the number of times they appear in your favorite anime, with the lowest scores going to the most popular.Each girl has her own individual score, with “lowest” being the lowest.The

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Which anime character would you most like to see get a reboot?

The popular anime and manga series gave an all-new spin to the classic characters, but some fans are still unhappy with the change, saying the new animated series is too anime-like and not quite as dark as the original.“I have a soft spot for anime boys, but I would hate

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