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How to tell if you’re in love with an anime character

When someone asks you if you love a certain anime character, it can be tough to tell whether they really do love the anime, or if they just enjoy seeing the characters they love.There are a few ways to tell when someone loves a certain character, and these will depend

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How to watch anime and cute baby animal videos, like this one

Awwww.That’s adorable, but I can’t seem to find a video of cute baby babies crying.Maybe I’m missing something, but my search is abysmal.I’m pretty sure you can’t watch cute baby baby animals crying on YouTube.Well, you could if you have the right equipment, but for me, this is a bit

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Anime girl crying in anime

A video of a 14-year-old girl crying while watching anime has gone viral.In the video, a girl who identifies herself as Anami is seen watching a video about the popular anime series Sailor Moon.The video ends with the girl sitting down and crying.Anami says she wants to cry because she

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