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How to dress up as a girl and still enjoy anime

If you have a few minutes, watch this awesome animated animation by Shingo Hirata.If you want to dress yourself up in some pretty awesome anime, the Japanese animation company Mangekyo Animation has a few more anime-themed options to help you out.¬†Mangekya’s Anime Feet Anime Feet are made from an all-natural

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How to watch dubbed anime on CBC’s online streaming service

You can watch anime without any problems on CBC and CBC GO.And for free, of course.But you’ll need a subscription to get the full experience.CBC’s Anime Face and Another Anime, for example, are both available to watch on the CBC GO platform.CBC is also streaming the popular series Doraemon on

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How to watch ‘The Legend of Korra’ at Disney Parks

You’ll need to have a Hulu account to watch the episode.Ariel’s new job as a cute anime face isn’t the only job that Ariel will be doing at Disney World this year.She’s also opening up a new studio at Disney Springs, according to ABC News.As of April 15, Ariel will

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