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Cat Girl, Zoo Animals

ZOOM!Catgirl is back, and now she’s a ZOO animal!It’s the third anime episode in the series!You can see it below!The catgirl is also in the zoo animals series.We have the catgirls cute cat, and a little kitten that loves the zoo!

Anime Cat Girl, Parasyte, and the anime cats

You’ve got the anime cat girl and the parasyte animal girl in your household.They’ve made it through a few episodes so far, and they have the potential to become one of the anime’s biggest stars.But they have a major problem.Both are based on real-life cats, but they’re both incredibly strange,

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How to make a desert cat girl (sort of)

The anime adaptation of the Kiki Kusanagi manga is getting a second season on Disney XD.The first season was a huge hit and was streamed over 30 million times, so fans were eager to see the sequel.The anime is now streaming on Disney Channel.The season 1 premiere was released on

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