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How to tell if your cat is cool

If your cat looks cute and cuddly, but doesn’t have the right amount of “tits,” he may have a serious problem.Tits aren’t necessarily the most important part of a cat’s appearance, but it’s a good sign.The furry critters most commonly have a pair of large round nipples that hang below

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Naked anime girls party animal – AnimeBase

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What you need to know about the “Anime Store”

A new restaurant is opening in the heart of Tokyo’s most popular tourist attraction, the Tokyo Tower, and it has a name that makes it sound like a place to do shopping: the “Animal Crossing” store.The chain’s flagship store in the city center, called “Animate Animal Crossing” on the Tokyo

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How to play “Pokémon Go” on your phone

The Pokémon Go mobile game has a lot of Pokémon.And the app is being downloaded at an alarming rate, a new report says.More than 40 million players have played the game since it launched in September, according to the game’s developer Niantic.Niantics own game is an augmented reality game in

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Fox Sports: Animal Crossing characters crossing the border in Australia

Fox Sports announced today that the characters of Animal Crossing and the Animal Crossing series are crossing the Australian border in the U.S. on their own, with the animals crossing from the United Kingdom.Fox Sports’ chief marketing officer, Steve O’Leary, announced the news on Twitter.The Animal Crossing team and its

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