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Why I Love Diana Animal Crossing: Animated movies

I have to admit, this article was not that good of a read.I thought the characters and the story were pretty boring, the animation was bad, and the animated movie was way too dark.It’s not like I wanted to watch a movie that would feature the cute foxes and other

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Why Anime Big Boobs is Killing The Porn Industry

Big boobs are not the only thing making a comeback.Big breasts have been around for a while, and the fact that they’re so popular doesn’t bode well for the porn industry.According to The Guardian, a group of porn stars are taking their message to the public by calling on their

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How to cross the border with an animated poster

By ANI The border at Chikmagalur was closed on Wednesday, a day after the party Animal Crossing Flowers posted its animated posters on the border crossing.The party posted the posters on Facebook, calling it a way to raise awareness on the need for the border closure and the closure of

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