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Which anime are you most looking forward to?

It’s an interesting question, because anime twists have been around for decades, but we’ve never seen a series like this.The twist is a new kind of twist, one that lets us know what’s coming next in an otherwise straight-forward story, but that’s not all.It also tells us when things are

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How to get the best results from the Anime Store

If you’re looking for a free anime subscription for your smartphone, you’re in luck.Fox Sports has partnered with Anime Store to offer a free, one-month trial to users who sign up for the free service.The service allows users to browse anime for free, as well as watch shows and anime

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How to create a wallpaper from scratch

The Irish have long known that wallpaper can be made by anyone, but they’re always surprised to find how much work it takes.The first Irish book to mention this was a book on Irish architecture published in 1788, and the first book to give an easy, but also somewhat complicated,

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