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It’s not your ordinary anime fandom, ladies and gentlemen!

The subreddit Animal Crossing is known for its quirky, and often bizarre, characters and artwork, but now the community is turning its attention to drawing a few of the characters on the game.The community’s first drawing of an animal is an adorable horse with a heart of gold.The image, which

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When the next Danganronpaku hits, you’re not going to believe what you see

A couple weeks ago, fans around the world received an early peek at the first trailer for Danganri-kun, the upcoming Danganranpaku series for PS4 and PS Vita.While many were excited to see what would be in store for the upcoming series, the game’s director, Shigenori Soejima, didn’t want to share

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When ‘Wild Animals’ was a hit, the BBC was watching it too

When Wild Animals, the animated series that first brought the concept of animals to mainstream audiences, first premiered on BBC2 in 2002, it didn’t go unnoticed.The BBC had been watching it since its initial broadcast in 2005, and in its second season the show received some serious critical acclaim, including

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