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Which anime has your favourite animal crossed into the film?

It’s a little bit of a conundrum, isn’t it?We’re in the middle of a massive animal rights backlash, and a lot of the backlash is directed at the Animal Crossing franchise.Some people don’t like how it’s presented in the media, and some people are upset that they can’t see how

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Vampire anime kiss: Raymond animal cross reddit

Vampires are popular in anime, and they’re everywhere!This cute and cute anime kiss by Raymond Animal Crossing is all about cute little vampire girls and cute little vampires.The video is a bit on the cute side, with cute little girls, adorable vampires, cute little boys, and cute kids all playing

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The Cool Animals of Reddit: A Meme for All Pets

Reddit users have long enjoyed sharing memes, videos and GIFs that capture their pets, which are often used to draw attention to their species.And with animal crossings, Reddit is looking to be the hub of the fun for pet owners.Reddit has made a point to allow pet owners to post

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