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Australian animals rescued from sea after boat sinks off coast

A rescue boat was pulled out of the water after it was hit by a vehicle on Sunday, after a vehicle hit and killed a dog on the sea coast of Queensland.Key points:The dogs and the driver of the boat were taken to hospital in hospital emergency roomsThe dogs died

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How to tell if your cat is cool

If your cat looks cute and cuddly, but doesn’t have the right amount of “tits,” he may have a serious problem.Tits aren’t necessarily the most important part of a cat’s appearance, but it’s a good sign.The furry critters most commonly have a pair of large round nipples that hang below

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The Last Dinosaur: The Last of the Dinosaur Animals

What do you think about the last of the dinosaurs?I know that’s a huge question and I’m sure there’s plenty of answers, but the question of how the dinosaurs became extinct is one that is difficult to answer and has a lot of speculation surrounding it.If you’re going to ask,

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How to spot the anime boobs on the internet

Anime and manga fans can easily spot the furry, cartoon characters in anime and manga with their cute anime-style boobs.A number of popular anime and comics features anime-themed characters, and some of the most popular anime characters are anime and live-action character.While the furry characters in popular anime have been

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Why You Should Care About Zoo Animals

This week, zoo animals are under attack.There are now reports of an epidemic of rhino attacks, and animal activists are taking a stand against the rampant poaching that threatens the endangered animals.The first animal activists have joined forces with the zoo, which announced plans to make the world’s largest indoor

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Pokémon: The anime is the first of the new breed of anime

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new generation of anime on television.But in Australia, we are getting the first wave of animated children’s cartoons from the likes of the BBC and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).The ABC is in the process of launching its first anime series, Pokémon:

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‘Wolverine’ trailer to hit Netflix in 2018, Marvel and Disney says

A trailer for “Wolverines” is due to debut at Netflix in early 2018.The film is set for a 2018 release, and the release date was not given.A release date for “The Wolverine” was not immediately available.Disney and Marvel Entertainment are the companies that produced the film.

What’s new in porn this year?

It was just a little too early to celebrate the first year of porn, which was a tough year for the industry, but we’re here to remind you that this year was a wild one for the adult industry, with some amazing releases from the likes of Lolly Animal Crossing,

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Charlotte, Naked and an Anime Girls: How an Anime is Made

The show’s creator, Akio Morita, is an anime aficionado.He’s spent the last two years trying to recreate a beloved series, and he says he’s never seen anything like it.In 2015, Morita launched a crowdfunding campaign called Anime Charlotte, in which he asked fans to raise money to produce his latest

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How to use Google Image Search to Find Cool Anime Wallpapers

Adobe’s Animoji app is a cool way to find cool anime wallpaper and character images on the Google app.The app comes with a free app, but if you want to try it out you’ll have to buy a $1.99 license.Here’s how to get started.1.Go to the Google Play store.2.Select the

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