Pokémon: The anime is the first of the new breed of anime

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new generation of anime on television.

But in Australia, we are getting the first wave of animated children’s cartoons from the likes of the BBC and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

The ABC is in the process of launching its first anime series, Pokémon: Adventures in Unova, which will be the first Australian-made series to air on Australian television.

The ABC is also releasing the Pokémon: Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold and Platinum, and will be launching a new series of Australian animated series in 2018.

We know a little about the ABC series.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) owns a lot of the property, including the ABC’s Adelaide Television Centre.

So we know that ABC will be involved with the series.

But what we don’t know is when and where.

The first episode of the ABC-produced anime, Pokémon Adventures in UNova, will be released in April.

But there are many more animated series that are in the pipeline, including a whole new Pokémon anime.

And they’re also coming to Australia.

Here are some highlights from the ABC announcement.

Pokémon: Adventures In Unova is the Australian first foray into anime, a new breed, but one with a much higher stakes than just the success of the series itself.

The series will be made by the ABC, and the series will explore the adventures of Pikachu and his friends, who have to protect the world from the invading evil Mewtwo.

ABC: There are several new Australian animated projects in development, including Pokémon Adventures In Blue and Pokémon Adventures Blue and Gold.

These are all part of the same team, including animation director Michael Houser, voice talent Andrew Ritchie, character designer Mike Tewksbury and animators Mike Wilson and Ben Miller.

As we head into the summer, the ABC has been announcing new Australian-produced series and new Australian titles for the next year.

We know that Australia is going to be home to a whole lot more anime and animation than we have seen in a long time.

And now it’s getting ready for some of those new projects to come to us.

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