‘Parasyte’ anime has 3 episodes, 4 chapters and 11 minutes left in its run

The first episode of the upcoming Parasyte manga is now available for viewing, and that’s a shame because the manga’s second season, dubbed The Parasytes’ Curse, is going to get a sequel.

“I’m really proud of this second season,” producer Yoshiyuki Tomino said during the Anime Expo panel at Tokyo’s Saitama International Convention Center on Friday.

“The second season was a bit more of a cliffhanger, and the second season is really about the story of how we get to the next part of the story, but it’s also about the world, about the way the world operates, about our world, and about how we become human beings and how we work together.

We wanted to tell a story about what happens to you if you go on the next life, and I really hope that fans will enjoy it.”