Overlord: Overlord HD Wallpapers

Yuri anime and anime-related wallpapers are coming soon to Overlord.

The popular anime series Overlord has been ported to a new generation of devices thanks to the support of popular app Overlord-TV.

Now, the Overlord anime themed wallpapers will be available to all Overlord fans who are looking to customize their phones or tablets with Overlord theme.

The Overlord wallpapers have been redesigned in order to look as natural as possible, including the new animated “Rime” and “Dark Souls” scenes.

In order to download the Overlords wallpaper, simply go to your device’s home screen and select the wallpaper you want to download.

The wallpapers can be downloaded from the official Overlord website.

The wallpaper pack is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets and is available now.

Overlord wallpaper pack (iOS)