‘Love Live!’ Love Live!’ – Love Live! Anime figures – 8 new items available for preorder

An announcement from Aniplex USA revealed new items for the anime’s Love Live!!

Anime figures, with two new figures being released for preorders.

First up is a figure of Asuka, the main character of the series, and a figure with a heart-shaped mouth.

The other new figure is a character with a pink heart shaped figure, with its other features including a pink face and an expressionless expression.

The figure of the two figures is the same, but with a different mouth.

It comes with the character design and the character name “Kazuhiko” written on it.

There are two versions of the figure, one with a black and one with the black and pink hearts.

They will retail for 6,800 yen (about US$62).

Both of the figures are being released on November 16, and you can preorder them through the Aniplez USA website.

The figures will ship in December.

The anime series was first announced in 2014.

It was also confirmed that the anime would be airing on the Japanese broadcast network BS11 starting in 2018.

It is also now being released in Japanese in theaters, which means fans of the anime can watch it for free.