It’s not your ordinary anime fandom, ladies and gentlemen!

The subreddit Animal Crossing is known for its quirky, and often bizarre, characters and artwork, but now the community is turning its attention to drawing a few of the characters on the game.

The community’s first drawing of an animal is an adorable horse with a heart of gold.

The image, which was submitted by user danieljw, has since been shared on multiple forums, including Reddit, as well as on the official site.

In the image, a blue horse has its tongue hanging out as if it’s in pain, while its hind legs are covered in blue fur.

Another shows a small, red horse with long, curly black hair.

Other illustrations include a white horse with red ears, a brown horse with white hair, and a blue bird with a red nose.

Dawn, the subreddit’s community manager, told Business Insider that she’s been working to get more people involved in drawing Animal Crossing characters for the past year.

The site has about 100,000 subscribers and more than 2 million daily unique visitors, but Dawn believes that this year the community will be able to attract even more attention.

Diana, the main user on the subreddit, told us that they’ve been making progress drawing animals, and it’s getting better and better.

“We’ve already made our first animal with an animation,” she said.

“It’s cute and I love it.”

But drawing animal characters on Animal Crossing doesn’t have to be boring.

In addition to the pony-themed drawing, a few other drawings have been posted, too.

In one, a pony with a white mustache is pictured holding a large flower, and another shows a horse with the tail of a deer.

Dennis, another user on Animal, also told us about a drawing of a cat, and the thread in which it was posted has since gone viral.

Dylan, another member on the Animal Crossing subreddit, also commented on the popularity of the drawing.

“Theres been a lot of people posting on it,” he said.

He explained that it was the first time they’ve seen so many people comment on the same drawing.

Dianna, another Animal Crossing user, told The Daily Dot that the drawing will only go up to the next level once more people start sharing it.

“I’m really proud of it,” she told us.

“Its getting to be really popular.”

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