I don’t want to read about animals anymore

I want to make a movie about animals, but my wife is against it.

I don�t think I can make the movie, because I�m a vegetarian, but it would be fun.

She says I have to learn how to make animals.

But, you know, she�s a vegetarian.

I�ve heard from people who have tried it, that it doesn�t taste good.

So, I guess I just want to find out how it tastes and try it.

What are some of your favorite animals?

I love dinosaurs.

I like the big dinosaurs.

And, for me, I think all the animals are beautiful.

They have a lot of complexity.

I love the big whales.

I really love the bison.

I can get goose bumps watching the bisons.

What about giraffes?

I like giraffe.

They are really, really big.

And giraffas are so cute.

What is your favorite animal?

I am really big into birds.

And the giraffis.

I am always looking for a place where I can play with them.

I have the idea to bring some giraffelas to my next visit to my friends.

What do you think of the concept of the animal gallery?

What kind of ideas are you seeing in the animal world?

I want people to come to the animal galleries and see the animals that they see everyday.

I want the animals to have a place.

We have a zoo, a zoo is where we put all the giraffe and all the zebras.

It is a place that is for us to enjoy.

But we are not going to make the zoo like a museum.

We are going to have animals, we are going have some of them to see.

How did you meet your wife?

My wife is from a village in Kerala, in the Andhra Pradesh state.

I was always in her village and always went there to play.

And she was always very fond of animals.

So I became a big fan of her.

What did you learn from your wife while studying for your MSc in Animal Science at the Centre for Biomedical Research at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Delhi)?

I learned that you need to teach your kids to be curious and to have fun.

That you need good communication skills.

That it�s important to be open to the outside world and to share with people.

And that there is a difference between learning and learning how to communicate.

We can teach them how to speak English, how to write English, what they should do with their lunch, what we should do when we have a problem, but the problem is that they don�ll listen to us.

The way they see it, they don��t really understand how we are communicating with them, or how they communicate with us.

They only know that we are doing it.

And if we do not learn from them, then they are not interested in learning from us.

How does it feel to be a woman in this field?

I do not feel any pressure to be feminine.

I would love to do animal work.

I will be a giraffe, a giraffar, an animal breeder, a vet, a veterinary technician.

I hope that I can help people.

I just hope that we can make people feel more connected to the animals, to the environment.

We need to get a lot more people to be involved in conservation and to help out animals.

What advice would you give to young women in India?

Young women have the power to help us change the world.

We must be open minded and we must be willing to listen to them.

We all have the responsibility to listen, and we have to be honest with them about their needs.

If we are open minded, then we can help change the future.

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