How to watch ‘The Legend of Korra’ at Disney Parks

You’ll need to have a Hulu account to watch the episode.

Ariel’s new job as a cute anime face isn’t the only job that Ariel will be doing at Disney World this year.

She’s also opening up a new studio at Disney Springs, according to ABC News.

As of April 15, Ariel will also be opening a new restaurant called The Kaleo.

It will open in early 2018, and will be part of a new culinary and entertainment concept called The Chef’s Club.

The new restaurant is part of Ariel’s “Kaleo,” a new concept that she’s launching with her longtime partner, artist Chris Evans, in late 2019.

The new restaurant will offer casual dining with a menu featuring more than 30 dishes.

Ariel and Evans also plan to open their own restaurant in the coming months.