How to watch ‘Raymond Animal Crossing’ at home

Raymond Animal Trading Co is hosting a special live-streamed event to help new fans get started on their new hobby.

Raymond’s new series ‘Rayonark’ will be available for streaming on the company’s website, while the live stream of the new anime trailer will begin on Friday night.

The stream will last for up to two hours, starting at 11:00pm.

The trailer will be released on Sunday, March 6.

Raymonark is a new animated series written and directed by Tatsuya Sakai, who also helmed the Rayonark anime series.

Rayonarks main character, Kaito, was born with a special ability to hear and read animals voices.

In a new trailer, Kaito tells his sister and friends that his family is being attacked by an unknown enemy.

Kaito is initially frightened, but when his family runs into a mysterious enemy he starts to understand their plight.

Raymanark is the first Rayonarks series to be made by Rayman himself, who was previously the main character of the popular video game franchise.