How to tell if you’re in love with an anime character

When someone asks you if you love a certain anime character, it can be tough to tell whether they really do love the anime, or if they just enjoy seeing the characters they love.

There are a few ways to tell when someone loves a certain character, and these will depend on the anime.


The Anime Is the Character They Like (or Are Inspired by)The character is usually drawn with a unique look, such as a cute cat or a girly bunny.


The Character Is the Main Character in the Anime (or Is Inspired by it)The anime is often the focus of the characters love, and it is the only way that they can bond.


The Characters Personality Is Emotionally UnsettlingThe character in question is usually a loser, a child, or a loser in general.


The Animators Is Using A Technique That Is Too Overly FunnyThe animation is often made to make the characters look sad or sadistic, and sometimes the animation is intentionally upsetting to viewers.


The Artist Is Using Characters That Are Too Emotional for The Main Characters The animators can be very emotional, and this makes them seem more real.


The Background Art Is Very SimpleThe characters are usually drawn in simple backgrounds with a few details that are meant to make them appear special.


The Art Is Too Simple for Its Own GoodSome characters look too similar, and their outfits or clothing are not very detailed, making them look unrealistic.


The Color of the Art Is Not PerfectThe art can be beautiful, or it can look cheap.


The Visuals Are Not UniqueThe backgrounds are usually very simple, or they are simple in color, and they usually don’t have any detail.


The Story Is Not Very SpecificThe plot of the anime usually revolves around the characters and their relationships, and there are not any complex or complicated plotlines.


The Voice Actors Are Not Strong or ComplexThe characters usually speak in the same tone and they have little to no personality.


The Animation Is Not OriginalThe characters do not seem to be very different from each other, and the animation sometimes looks repetitive and dull.


The Sound is Not Original(Not Even)The voice actors are often not original to the series.


The Music Is Not Unique(Not even)The music is usually the same as the anime itself, and its not very memorable.


The Language Is Not Great(Not Really)English is a language used in many countries.


The Writing is Very Simple(Not Just)The writing style usually comes from the character, or from the author of the manga.


The Action Scenes Are Very Short(Not Too Short)The action scenes often seem too short, and are sometimes short and fast, making the animation seem less realistic.


The Dialogue Is Too Long(Not Enough)The dialogue often seems too long, and is usually written in Japanese, not English.


The Plot Is Not Simple(Or Not Just)In some anime, the story often starts with a lot of random stuff, and then moves on to more important things later on.


The Ending is Not Perfect(Not Exactly)The ending of an anime is usually vague and vague.


The Original Art is Not Always GreatThe original art of an animation often changes and changes over time.


The Voices Are Not OriginalSometimes, the voices of characters in an anime are not from the anime series.