How to tell if your cat is cool

If your cat looks cute and cuddly, but doesn’t have the right amount of “tits,” he may have a serious problem.

Tits aren’t necessarily the most important part of a cat’s appearance, but it’s a good sign.

The furry critters most commonly have a pair of large round nipples that hang below the lips and may or may not be covered by a furry covering of fur, according to the International Cat Breeders Federation.

Tit size isn’t the only thing that matters, though.

A kitten’s ears, nose, and mouth are also considered important.

Some cats have small, flat, oval-shaped breasts.

They’re also often more prone to a cat-like trait known as “squatting.”

Titty hair can make your cat appear bigger or less attractive than they are.

“People often think that cats with a higher percentage of body hair can be a bit more petite, but the truth is, the amount of body fur a cat has is very, very low,” said Kristi Johnson, a cat breeder from Arizona who specializes in helping cat owners find the perfect kitten.

Even though it’s not necessary to breed a cat with a larger or smaller head, Johnson recommends choosing a cat who’s been around a lot, as they’re more likely to be able to find their place in your household.

She also recommends getting a cat that’s very active.

“That cat may have an amazing sense of smell and will be able recognize a lot of things,” she said.

Another thing that may indicate a kitten is “too petite” is if they’re very shy or not vocal when you pet them.

You may also want to consider a cat whose owner has been diagnosed with a mental illness.

If your cat doesn’t appear to be interested in you, there are a number of other factors that can be signs that he’s not a great fit.

For example, your cat may not always wear a collar around his neck.

He may also be shy, and he may not play well with other cats.

“If a cat does seem to be unhappy in his environment, it could be that the kitten has been abandoned,” Johnson said.

“But if he’s still interested in the owner, he may be more open to a playmate.”

You might also be looking for a cat because you want him to be a companion, but he’s too big to be your “little buddy.”

If you’re looking for someone who can be “cuddly,” she added, “there are other qualities you can look for that are more appropriate.”

When you find a cat you love, Johnson said that the first step is to give him a treat.

Then, if he can tolerate it, you can give him your favorite treats.

Don’t be afraid to give your cat a little “love and attention” as well.

“If a kitten doesn’t like the treat, you should treat him with the treats,” she advised.

“Give him treats and a toy.

Then give him some attention.”