How to play “Pokémon Go” on your phone

The Pokémon Go mobile game has a lot of Pokémon.

And the app is being downloaded at an alarming rate, a new report says.

More than 40 million players have played the game since it launched in September, according to the game’s developer Niantic.

Niantics own game is an augmented reality game in which players must track and capture creatures and items in real-world locations.

The Pokémon Go app, which is in beta right now, has a number of features that have caught the attention of mobile game developers.

One of the most popular is a way to track your location in real time.

To do that, you have to make a phone call to the Pokémon Go game app and tell it you want to be tracked.

“If you call the Pokémon GO app, it will tell you the location of the Pokemon you are currently tracking,” Niantica said in a blog post.

The game then sends the coordinates you have given it.

You can then check on the location by tapping on the Pokémon.

Another feature allows players to get a better idea of where a Pokémon is by seeing where the creature has been seen.

But this isn’t just a feature for the game.

Niotic said Pokémon Go is also being used to track people in real life.

The app has even been used to target and target people in the U.S. as a way of making money.

Pokémon Go is a game that can be played for free in the United States and Canada, but it’s also being played for more than $30 million per month, according the app’s developer.

The figures don’t include other countries.

While the game is being played by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, the Pokémon app has only been available in China and Japan.

And that’s a big problem for the company, because the game requires a smartphone app for the players to use.

To solve this, Nianticas team is working with smartphone app companies to create an augmented-reality app that will allow players to play on their phones.

In addition, Niotics game will be made available in more countries as well.

So what does the Pokémon company think about all of this?

Pokémon CEO Naoki Yoshida says the game has been great for people, and Nianticus hopes that it will continue to be played in the future.

Niantic says it’s working on ways to help players play the game better.

And Niantiics goal is to eventually make the app free for all.

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