How to get your own gay anime shirts

For those who like to show off their fandom on the outside, the world of anime is full of gay anime.

It’s not just the big names.

There are the fan favorite gay characters from anime, like the character “Sekai” from Sailor Moon.

And then there’s the ones that don’t make the cut.

One fan, who goes by the handle of @joez_joe, has started a Kickstarter campaign to get his own LGBT anime shirt made.

He’s aiming for $75,000, which would allow him to make two shirts, one a red shirt and one a pink shirt.

The shirts would have different designs based on the characters’ genders and sexual orientations, with the pink one featuring a woman and the red one featuring an old man.

Joez’s shirt is already selling well, and he hopes that by raising more funds, he can eventually have a larger variety of shirts.

This Kickstarter campaign isn’t the first time the LGBT community has tried to create its own clothing line.

Anime creator Yoshinori Kitase launched a Kickstarter project in 2014 to sell his shirts, which featured gay characters, which went on to sell millions of copies.

Many fans also have begun producing their own merchandise based on LGBT characters.

As more people see how well the LGBT fandom can produce quality merchandise, the future is bright for the LGBT fanbase.