How to Get to the Main Character

The Lad is a series of short stories written by William L. Burroughs in the 1930s.

The stories are set in a parallel world where people are born and die and have their own bodies, and where there is no gender, and there are no characters.

In the story, the main character is a boy named Harry who lives with his mother, who is the narrator of the stories.

Harry is an orphaned child who finds his mother’s body after she dies and wakes up in a strange place with no memory of who she is.

There is no male counterpart to Harry, so he is referred to as “the ghost.”

Harry is drawn to a mysterious young woman named Violet, who he is attracted to.

Violet is a former orphan who has grown up in the orphanage, where she is very well-known for her singing and dancing.

Harry discovers she is the “companion” of his mother.

Harry finds that the two of them have a lot in common, and he and Violet are inseparable.

When Violet becomes a nurse at the hospital, Harry becomes obsessed with her, and Violet is in a relationship with her son.

Eventually, Harry and Violet decide to live separately, and Harry decides to give up his quest to become a hero.

The novels, like Burrough’s other works, were published in a series called The Lad.

Burrows is considered one of the most important and prolific writers of children’s literature in the 20th century.

The series of stories, which were collected as the Burrough series, are now considered to be the definitive work of Burrough, and are considered classics in children’s fiction.

Free to read, The Lad Books are available on and at bookstores and libraries.