How to be an effective conservationist and help save endangered animals

It’s hard to imagine a more powerful statement than the one made by former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden, in a recent interview with ABC News, called for an end to the “abhorrent” killing of wildlife and said he would like to see the US kill or capture more of the creatures it takes in.

“I’d love to see us take more animals from the wild and take them back to our communities, to our country, to save them from extinction,” he said.

“But that’s a fight that we’re going to have to win.”

Bids for the removal of endangered animals, however, have been going on for years, as conservationists and politicians have argued for years that there are far too many of them in the world.

It has been an ongoing issue in conservation circles.

For instance, there’s been a push by activists to see more wildlife taken out of the wild.

And in 2016, the US Fish and Wildlife Service published a draft of a rule that would see animals hunted in the wild hunted in a way that would reduce the chances of them being accidentally shot.

But that rule has since been shelved.

The Obama administration also made a point of releasing more than 20,000 birds from captivity into the wild in 2017.

And the president’s successor, Donald Trump, has said he wants to eliminate the US’s ban on importing endangered species.

Conservationists, however are not convinced the current administration is doing enough.

“It’s really hard to find a person who thinks that there’s enough work to be done to end the killing of endangered species in the US,” said Joe Miller, an attorney with the Humane Society of the United States.

“They want to go into a whole new era of conservation, where they’re saying, ‘We’re going out and killing animals,’ but we’re not going out in the woods with them and taking them.”

The Trump administration has also called for more hunting of elephants, and a number of states have also banned the import of ivory and rhino horns, which are considered critical to the survival of many endangered species and are illegal to sell.

In some cases, the hunting of wildlife has been justified as a way to help local communities and people who depend on wildlife to survive.

Conservation groups have also argued that hunting is more humane and sustainable than the commercial ivory trade.

“We can’t say that there is no difference between the killing and taking of animals,” Miller said.

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