Dyson v10 animal to be the ‘first’ drone to be flown on a commercial flight

Dyson announced today that it is adding the world’s first commercial drone to its line of robots.

The robot is the first drone to fly for a commercial carrier.

Dyson said the company will begin taking orders for the first deliveries of its new drone in mid-January, with deliveries to customers expected in April.

The company said it will begin testing its drone by commercial flights and then commercial deliveries.

It said it plans to provide drones for both private and commercial users.

The robot, called Dyson V10, can fly at up to 100 mph.

It can reach speeds of up to 500 mph and can be equipped with sensors to gather and analyze data.

Drones, which are designed to be low-cost and able to carry people or objects, have come under fire for being too expensive.

Dyson has said its drones are designed for a range of purposes, including delivering medical supplies and food to hospitals.

Dictionaries like Amazon and Walmart have launched drone delivery services, and the FAA is considering allowing the unmanned aircraft to fly.