Australian animals rescued from sea after boat sinks off coast

A rescue boat was pulled out of the water after it was hit by a vehicle on Sunday, after a vehicle hit and killed a dog on the sea coast of Queensland.

Key points:The dogs and the driver of the boat were taken to hospital in hospital emergency roomsThe dogs died of their injuries, the driver has been taken to an animal hospital, a spokesman saidThe Australian Animals rescued from the sea after a boat sank off the coast of Brisbane on Sunday.

A vessel was hit in the collision and a dog aboard the boat was killed, the spokesman said.

The boat was a six-metre-long, five-metres-wide fishing boat and the vehicle was a three-tonne sedan.

“Our rescue team is on the scene and we’re in contact with the driver and his family,” spokesman Andrew Parson said.

“We’ve got two other dogs on board and they are safe.”

A spokesperson for the Queensland Government said it was not immediately clear what caused the collision.

“It is an incredibly tragic incident, and we extend our sympathies to the families of the animals involved and to those who have lost their pets in this tragic incident,” the spokesman told reporters.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads said in a statement it had been notified of the incident.

“A rescue vessel has been pulled out by the emergency services and a tow vehicle has been used to move the animal out of Port Macquarie,” the statement said.

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