Animal shelter adopts a cat after it was saved from a bathtub

Posted August 18, 2018 05:16:10The City of Edmonton Animal Shelter is getting a cat as part of an initiative to reduce the number of cats euthanized due to neglect and abuse in their care.

The shelter received the cat, named Baby, from an animal rescue in Canada and adopted it in February, said animal welfare director Jody Smith.

Baby has been adopted by the shelter from a local animal shelter, and Smith said she and her staff are very happy with her new home.

“She is so much more than just a cat, she’s a big part of the team, she brings so much joy to the whole building,” Smith said.

Baby’s owner, Mark Rabin, said he was very excited to have the cat.

“It’s so cute and he’s such a sweet little guy, and I love him,” Rabin said.

“I think that’s why he came here.

He’s very well-behaved.

He just loves to be with me and he knows how to greet me.”

Smith said the shelter’s cat rescue program is now able to house animals with a range of health problems, such as Down syndrome, spayed or neutered cats, and cats that have been abused.

“The shelter has so many different types of cats.

The cats that we’ve adopted in the past have had serious health issues, but they’ve all had some kind of problem,” Smith explained.”

So we’re getting them adopted from a shelter in Canada so we can help these cats with the things that we can’t.

And they’re getting a good home with a lot of love and love.”

Animal control officer Chris Gavris said the cat is also getting attention from people in the community.

“A lot of people are going to be watching to see how it’s doing and we’ll see how much it takes to bring it back,” he said.

Smith said there’s nothing new about the cat at the shelter.

“They’ve got kittens that they’ve been holding for the past couple of years,” she said.

“There’s a lot more kittens in the shelter than there are cats.”

We’ve got about 500 cats at this point, so we’ve got to make sure we’re taking them care of.