3D anime wallpaper for iPhone and iPad app

iPhone and iPod Touch apps are getting a bit more realistic with 3D models.

Today, we’re launching the first of several 3D wallpaper apps on the iPhone and Apple TV.

The app, called “Anime 3D Wallpaper,” is a free app that lets you view the 3D backgrounds of any anime anime on your iPhone or iPad, and watch them on a 3D TV.

You can also add animated 3D effects to your wallpapers, like the ones from the upcoming “Doki Doki Literature Club.”

You can use the app to add a new 3D model to your iPhone and then export it as a 3DS file, which can be imported into an anime or manga app on the Mac, or exported to your desktop.

The 3D wallpapers come in a variety of sizes, from standard wallpaper to massive, high-res versions.

It’s not clear when or if this new app will launch in the U.S., but if you have an iPhone, you can download it for free from the App Store.

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